You want your car to have more power but still be covered by a guarantee? Thanks to TPE Protect, we can offer you our performance enhancement with protection.

With our packages we supplement / replace the factory warranty after tuning and ensure your driving pleasure. The coverage depends on the age of your vehicle and the mileage.

# TPE Protect + TPE Protect Classic
maximum vehicle age 3 Years 5 Years
maximum mileage 50.000 km 100.000 km
maximum gross list price 250.000 € 250.000 €
Maximum coverage 5.000 €  2.580 €
Maximum coverage in the event of engine failure 10.000 € 6.450 €
Deductible 10% (minimum 97 €) 10% (minimum 97 €)
Grace period - 30 Days


Components and Parts Covered:


Cylinder block, crankcase, pistons, cylinder sleeves, bolts, rings, connecting rods, crankshaft, crankshaft gear, countershaft gear, oil pump, drive gear, cylinder head gasket, camshaft, tappet, rocker arm, camshaft gear, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, cylinder head, valves, valve guides, carburetor, oil sump, Oil pressure switch, air flow meter, air mass meter, knock sensor, idle servo motor, turbocharger, compressor, intercooler


Transfer case, viscous coupling, differential lock

Manual transmission

Pinion, selector forks, sliding sleeve, drive shaft, main shaft

Automatic transmission

Shafts, planetary gear sets, discs, belts, valves, oil pumps, regulators, safety valves

Axle drive

Differential, pinion, wheel bearing

Power transmission shafts

Cardan shafts, cardan shaft bearings, final drive shafts, electronic control units


Brake booster, master brake cylinder, vacuum pump, brake force regulator, brake force limiter, ABS, ABS control unit, ASR


Lower and upper swing arms, suspension arm rings, axles and suspensions, kingpin and rings, wishbones, tie rods

Electrical system

Alternator, starter, windshield wiper motor, sunroof motor, door central locking motor, ignition coil, engine control unit